The PEAK Mindset™

“Security isn’t the absence of harm, but the ability to thrive in it”
— Simon J. Herring


Do you know your mission, your reason, your “why”? Are corporate and individual objectives aligned with that mission? Are you focused on daily, weekly, and quarterly activities that produce results and value? Or does the tyranny of the urgent rule your day? The PEAK Optimization Method™ shows you how to get off the hamster wheel of “reaction and re-work” and rally your resources around essential activities that lead to greater security.


Do you have what you need to achieve your mission? Do you have access to people, processes, and tools that allow you to act with confidence and clarity? Are you equipping people with timely and accurate information that lets them make the best decisions, especially when the stakes are high? Are you “deputized” to take action, or is time wasted as you wait for others to act? Can others safely make key decisions on their own, or do they constantly come to you? There is a better way.


What automatic systems, behaviors, and habits are in place to maximize how you use your time and skills to reach your objectives? Are you using technology to magnify your effectiveness and value, or do you manually hunt for threat indicators, hopping from system-to-system? Trivial and repetitive tasks steal vital focus and energy that should be used to find threats and neutralize them.

Keeping things moving (Kinetics)

Hackers and cyber criminals aren’t the only threat actors to manage. Just as there are forces in nature that slow down progress, there are organizational and individual forces acting against you and your team. Are corporate silos keeping you from communicating and collaborating? Are you overwhelmed with distractions – meetings, emails, new projects, and the latest “emergency”? The PEAK Optimization Method™ shows you a repeatable process for navigating the self-defeating habits and practices that can wreck your day… before hackers have a chance to.

Rise above the chaos!

The PEAK Optimization Method™ is taught by Ubersecure LLC through one-on-one or group sessions. We are excited that you are here! Unfortunately, all sessions are currently CLOSED. If you would like to be notified when the next session opens, please email Coach Me! and your name will be added to our list.