It starts with you...

I'm Simon J. Herring. I started ubersecure to help people think differently about cyber security, then apply this better thinking to create not only resilient systems, but resilient people.

You see, buying the latest tech and getting hacked anyway is a non-stop cycle. Look at the headlines -- organizations with massive budgets and impressive security stacks -- suffering from big hacks. Make no mistake, these companies have invested significantly in the latest technologies and strategies, from XDR and SOAR to MFA and Zero Trust. While these are certainly great steps, resilience begins with your IT & Cybersecurity people, the first and the last line-of-defense. 

Ask yourself these questions: Is my team fully equipped with the right mindset, skillset, and toolset? Do they have a clear sense of direction, unimpaired by corporate politics and team dysfunction? Have they cultivated the habits that help them accelerate their decision making, act with confidence, and thrive in the chaos of the IT/Cybersecurity operations world? Can they make the best decisions when the stakes are high, regardless of what's happening around them? What about you?

If you're struggling with these questions, then message me on LinkedIn. I help CISOs, CIOs, cybersecurity engineers, incident analysts, and IT professionals thrive in chaos. I'm a nerd on a mission -- make organizations more secure by showing others how to think differently. Change is hard. But it's so worth it.

It starts with you.