Cyber criminals pose a great threat to companies and individuals. But it’s not just crooks. Well-meaning and careless users alike also put data at risk. The knee-jerk reaction is to build a taller wall. Time passes, but before you know it, you’ve been hit by a “taller ladder” (a smarter adversary), and they’re in. If you’ve planned right, you learn of the breach quickly. It’s more likely, however, that someone else will notify you. By then, credit cards, SSNs, or medical data have already left the network. It’s a bad day when the FBI or Secret Service is sitting in your office.

Making things “more secure” but getting breached anyway is a non-stop cycle. Something has to change. Is it a better firewall or a more stringent policy? A faster IPS? A smarter SIEM? A new desktop security suite?  Perhaps.  But what if you can’t see the “whole picture” and your view of your organizational risk is fragmented?

Ubersecure designs and implements solutions that unite IT and business teams around accurate security information and performance data.  This helps companies cost effectively optimize key IT systems, identify business impacting threats to revenue and relationships, and quickly respond when undesirable events occur.

Just being “secure” isn’t enough — it’s time to get ubersecure... and that starts with you.